Note To Self

We had the penthouse at the Soho Grand. With the patio. The DJ was spinning. The bar was open. The wind was blowing. Mist was rising off the Empire State. It was just starting to happen.

Then came the lightening, and the nickel-sized rain drops. The entire MTV News & Docs department scurried indoors into a 600 square foot room. The air got sticky. The bartender got overwhelmed. I got nabbed trying to lift a bottle of champagne. And just like that, we had jumped the shark. It was over.

Notes To Self:

Freshly-minted PAs passing bottles of wine amongst themselves: a good thing.

When did I become the running guy, and not the rock star guy, at work? (Remedy ASAP.)
Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart are stoners!?!Nostalgic recollection of life during wartime with department president: a good thing.

I can’t believe I’ve become the guy who gushes about his beautiful new nephew (at least I use MTV-friendly phrases like “He’s fucking rad, dude. I’m so stoked.”).

To Do This Weekend:

Spend time with Dad
Run NYRRC 5 miler
Visit Riverside Park South Pier 68
Visit Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market
See ‘A Mighty Wind’

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