I’m not one to worry about gentrification. In fact, I’ve enjoyed seeing my little Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood grow over the last eight years.

But it might just be getting a little scary around here with all these luxery apartments and skyscrapers going up. It’s not the height or the extra people, it’s the “luxury” and “amenities.” Time Warner AOL Center at Columbus Circle, the Random House building at 55th/Broadway, NY Cybercenter on 57th/11th, the 53-story Biltmore Tower at 50th/8th, the 52-story Regent Tower on 52d/8th, the 25-story Westport right across the street at 56th/10th (I love how they reduce this neighborhood to some New Yorker magazine-style view< of Hell's Kitchen, er, Clinton). We'll see... Meanwihle, my To Do List for this weekend: Be ready for my brother and his wife's new baby (due date: yesterday) See 'Capturing The Friedmans' Buy new running shoes Write a song See Matthew Barney's 'Cremaster Cycle' one last time before it closes Run (I have a 5K next week, a 4M next week) Call Jeff & Kristan in Brooklyn Stay dry

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