No Eclipse

Outside my window, in the skies over Manhattan, the full moon is passing through the Earth’s shadow. But alas, the city is awash in clouds. There will be no eclipse here tonight.

Still, something major is afoot. I’m not sure what yet, or how it’s going to manifest. But strange and wonderful things have been happening. I’ve been going out a lot, which is strange and wonderful on its own. And I made a cool new friend the other night at the least likely of venues: the UTA party at Light. She’s an agent in L.A. who executive produced (and won an Emmy) the brilliant PBS documentary ‘American High.’ She offered me some terrific life and work advises last night over a few Grey Goose and tonics at the Hudson. We talked a lot about screenplay as a concrete form into which one pours one’s emotions and experience. And we discussed the tension between practical realities (MTV) and more risky intangiable (read: singing/songwriting or screenwriting/directing). There are so many chumps in every room, it’s always surprising, and gratifying, to meet the good ones.

Then, I get this completely unsolicited email from a writer at the Wall Street Journal. “i stumbled across the link to your site on,” he wrote. “[i] dove in, and am now trying to figure it out – you’re a mileage junkie who’s also a professional musician? i have the sense you’d make a good source somehow (i’m always on the lookout for real people with unique perspectives to quote in stories), not to mention an
interesting lunch companion…” Which was nice.

I replied:

Indeed, the mileage junkie+singer/songwriter combo is even more complicated than that. more comprehensively, i am:

the director of production for
a performing and recording singer/songwriter
an aspiring filmmaker
a triathlete/marathoner
a writer of journalism, fiction, and screenplays
who flies to l.a. for business every 8 weeks or so

all of which keeps me busy, challneged, and happy.

Question is, what am I gonna’ do?

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