Finally, A Perc From My Job!

I’ll be brief, because it’s late (enough), and I have miles in the morning. I just got in from a screening of ‘X2: X-Men Unite’ at 20th Century Fox’s corporate screening room.

Finally, a perc from my job!

There were a dozen people there. The theater held 24 people. It was a brand-new print. The floor shook when stuff blew up. It was really amazing. And the film itself was cool too. It’s really well acted, for a bloackbuster, and fairlu nuanced for a film based on a comic book. And in it’s way it’s kind of touching and meaningful, believe it or not. Deep and simple, no. But watching the millions and millions of gears that keep this film moving so seemlessly is really a treat. Hollywood does have it’s skill set.

Back home now, I’m fighting the urge to buy a 15G iPod. I keep waiting for them to get cheaper, but they only get better. And with the iTunes Music Store, Apple may finally be onto something. We’ll see how long I can resist. I think it’s futile. But there would be something sad about finally being able to run to music. I wouldn’t hear the birds and the water and the — I know I know — cabs and horns and tired screaching and jets flying and… we’ll see. Now though, a grapefruit for desert (I miss ice cream), and off to bed. G’night.

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