Monday. Couldn’t sleep. First it was the sugar buzz from fat-free yogurt. Then it was trucks on 10th Avenue. Then my neighbors came home and stomped around upstairs, all laughter and “shhhhhhh!” Then it was my allergies: eyes itching, sticky, couldn’t breath, headache. Finally said ‘fuck it,’ at 5:30, and got out of bed.

Logged on and checked the news: nothing. Ran — not fun. Went to CVS — toothpaste and Kleenex. Took laundry in — good work! (It’s only been a month since I did laundry last.) Went to work. You get the idea.

Special thanks, though, to Justin callin’ in from somewhere in Ohio with props for “Crash Site” and “Summer’s Gone.” Just when you think everyone’s forgotten, no one’s listening. And damned if m’ man didn’t play my “What’s Playing” game! Check his shiznit out:

CD: ‘Crash Site’
DVD: ‘Almost Famous’
TV: Everwood
Radio: John Mayer, “Why Georgia”
Text: Conversational Chinese 301

Read the word ‘Breathless’ on my website tonight (before falling into the pool of my own reflection and drowning), then went into the livingroom, picked up my guitar and tried to turn it into something. Every chord sounded like every other chord I’ve ever played. Abandoned the pursuit when my father called from an interstate somewhere in Indiana, then went back to reading other people’s blogs.

So… now… me, back to bed. Pollen count is 11.8 out of 12, so it should be another miserable night if tossing, turning, wheezing. Sleep tight, wherever you are.

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