A Little More Optimism

My father emailed me this morning and said “I’d like to see a little more optimism on your web page… I don’t think it’s the end of the world!”

I appreciated the sentiment, but discounted it just a little bit given the global condition. But then my buddy Matt in L.A. emailed me this afternoon and said, “I’ve been reading your journal and please be sure to think of a few good things in your life as you wade through all the info.” Maybe they’re onto something. So here’s some optimism for you:

I spent Saturday afternoon with my cousin Brian, his wife Roxane, and their two-year-old Nora wandering around Central Park. It was a beautiful day. Nora was mesmerized by the carousel, and spent an hour on the slide. I sat there watching and smiling and, with all the kids playing and the simple joy all around me, forgot there was any strife anywhere in the world.

I’m looking forward to flying to Las Vegas Saturday morning (despite the threat of SARS). I’m going to go hiking in Red Rock Canyon in the morning, sit by the pool in the afternoon, and drink umbrella-topped “Nancy drinks” as the sun sets on the desert.

And I’m listening to the new Pete Yorn record, Day I Forgot, casting aside envy (for recording with Peter Buck, for one), and rockin’ out to the first single “Come Back Home.”

All that, and I’ve launched benjaminwagner.com v. 2.0. Not done, but on the right track. Props to The Agonist for inspiration.

And props to you for reading.

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