Screwing The Pooch

If I hadn’t spent the vast proportion of my weekend alternating between radio, television, internet, newspaper, and magazine coverage of this war with Iraq; if I weren’t a little frazzled from the anxiety all the news, background and commentary had created; if I weren’t hungry despite a steady diet of Starbucks coffee and Lean Cuisine frozen dinners, I’d go on and on — a thousand words, easy — about how I think we’ve really screwed the pooch on this one.

More and more I’m seeing overwhelming evidence of a long-hawkish president contributing to an already religiously divided globe, frightening overlap with Iran Contra’s main players, big business entanglement and averice, all, right there, in the cradle of civilization.

Remember social studies? Mesopatamia. The Fertile Crescent. The Bithplace of Man. It’s where we cam from.

It it appears to be where we’re ending it all.

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