Light Reading On War, Death & Conspiracy

The Wall Street Journal ran an OpEd piece this morning on‘s coverage of the war in Iraq (see “Gen Y Goes to War”).

“While surfing through the news section of MTV’s Web site,” they write, “We happened to stumble across its “At War With Iraq” link, and it sure belies the cable network’s spoiled, Generation Y image.”

Pretty cool, and pretty rewarding.

I’ve speant an inordinate amount of time in the last week reading everything I can get my hands on about the conflict with Iraq. Alot of what I’ve been reading has been blogs, which despite my Daily Journal being, basically, I don’t often read many. Knowledge is powers, so I thought I’d share some cool links for further reading:

The Memory Hole:
Mining the Freedom of Information Act for lesser-known facts.

Russia’s New York Post, but valuable as another perspective.

USA Today’s War Weblog:
Daily scan of war news and commentary from around the web.

Chinese People’s Daily:
The Sleeping Giant’s state publication.

RealVideo and Windows Media newsfeeds from around the world.

Check out front pages of newspapers around the world.

Back To Iraq:
Internet journalist Christopher Allbriton’s blog from the Iraqi theater.
Frequently updated blog.

War-related blog hub.

So we’re watching MSNBC as the work week closes at the MTV. There was an enormous explosion at the Ministry of Information building in Baghdad — the pool feed I wrote about a few days ago — about an hour ago. And just now there was an explosion in Kuwait City.

All this on a day when Donald Rumsfeld basically threatened Syria and Iran. Kinda’ makes you wonder if this whole thing’s gonna’ blow up, and the entire Middle East is gonna’ go up in flames.

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