Godspeed, God Bless, And God Help Us

I’m sitting in my office at The MTV here in Times Square waiting for the “deadline” to pass, waiting to see whether we’ll be at war tonight or tomorrow (never no longer being an option, apparently). We had a “script runthrough” this afternoon — talent (John, Gideon, Kurt, Sway, etc), floor producers and directors — for a few uneasy hours this afternoon. It seemed like every siren in the city was blaring, every helicopter was circling just outside our windows. I just took a walk to the copy room to recycle some outdated show scripts, and the copier was churning away a blue final draft script. Creepy.< I got home about 11 last night after our third "war contingency rehearsal," and immediately logged on to check the site, and found some interesting links on Drudge. The most disturbing, and enlightening, was an editorial by Jay Bookman, editorial editor for the Atlanta Journal Constitution, called ‘The President’s Real Goal in Iraq.’ The long story short is that this whole the groundwork for this entire invasion had been lay years ago by a group of well-placed and highly-political conservatives calling who issued ‘Project for the New American Century’ years ago.

Now listen, the older I get, the more fiscally conservative I find myself. I’m not in college anymore, not hanging peace signs from the chapel, but I certainly think there are better ways to spend $80 billion. Democracy should spread on its own accord, by choice. But I guess President Bush made it clear in the 2000 elections individual choice — votes — a democracy do not make.

And so, here we go.

Godspeed the 19-year-olds in harms way.

And God bless the 24 million Iraqis soon to feel the might of our “liberation.”

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