In The Crosshairs

Heaven forbid “The Terrorists” attack Disneyland. Or The Oscars are delayed.

I’m watching Peter Jennings, waiting for MTV News’ third (and presumably final) “war contingency rehearsal.” I kinda’ have the shakes. I can’t get warm. Or shake this headache. And I can’t stop fiddling with this one lose stitch in my gums. And I’m hungry, ‘cuz there’s nothing soft to eat.

Um… so I was watching Tom Ridge a second ago, again, wondering if this is what the Germans felt like as Hitler ordered invasions about which they did not approve. I certainly don’t believe Bush is akin to Hitler, but I personally wish there was a global concensus over Iraq, not just this ‘Wild West’ cowboy vibe. It makes me nervious. I’m not sure it bodes well for U.S. history, for what’s to come. It doesn’t make me feel all that hopeful. And I’m not the one in the crosshairs. Am I?

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