A Little Snow

Maybe you heard we got a little snow here in NYC?

Did we ever. Like, 24 inches. And it was so beautiful, so quiet in the city. It was falling as we filed out of ‘Daredevil’ Sunday night (yes, I went to see ‘Daredevil.’ And yes, it was just ok. But sometimes I like that sorta’ thing.) and kept falling well into this morning.

The streets were empty, everything was closed, people were out walking and skiing and smiling. Parked cars were completely buried. Best of all, it’s been about as warm as it’s been in weeks, what with all these clouds and such. So it’s been nice. Kinda’ festive. Real lazy. But now, as I finish up my Tuesday here at the MTV, the work has begun in earnest.

The Grammys are Sunday, so we’ll be working through the weekend, and straight through the week. I’m supposed to go golfing with my father and brother next weekend in Myrtle Beach, which this proposterous war in Iraq may interupt. Who knows.

Random thoughts: have you ever seen RealTV?

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