Prepping For War In Times Square

Just hit the 12-hour mark here at the MTV. Which isn’t so bad.

When I started back in 1996 and we were literally building the first iteration of daily news online, we worked 60 hour weeks every week, easy. And the on air team is still in the newsroom working away. So I’m not alone.

Basically, we’re all about prepping for what could turn out to be war in the Middle East. And what with headlines like about Paris, Berlin, Moscow dissenting with U.S. push to war (with good reason), and Osama (reportedly) calling for more terror attacks, I gotta’ say, it’s an unnerving time to be in Times Square. We’ve kind of been laughing nervously about it, but I’ll tell ya’ the last place I wanted to be on September 11th (or any day thereafter) was in the office.

It makes things like Gwen Stefani fashion polls seem absurd.

So, as you might guess, I’ve kind of decided to put music — questions like when will I record again, with whom, where will I perform — on hold for the moment. At least until March, after the Grammys (2/23). And then time will tell about this whole war thing. Hope it turns out o.k.

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