Coming Up Next, Kathy Griffin!

Saw Kathy Griffin — she of “Suddenly Susan” and “Celebrity Mole” — last night at the Laugh Factory on Sunset.

Was whisked straight to the VIP balcony courtesy of my UTA agent buddy James (whose wedding you may recall I attended in Kauai). Ran into a NY Producer friend. And tripped over a live mic en route to my seat. The entire audience looked up to see me there blushing. So I picked it up, thanked them, and said, “Coming up next, Kathy Griffin.”


Anyway. Her set was the perfect commentary on this week in L.A., all self-effacing mockery of celebrity and near-celebrity. The entire audience was in the know, following her every “American Idol” reference. Depsite my general ignorance of television, I laughed as well. It’s good to laugh.

Then went back to the Mondrian and did the Skybar thing, which was the height of see-and-be-seen. Luckily, I was lush enough that it was all funny: the plastic surgery, strappy dresses, and batting eyelashes. Any anyway, my workweek here in L.A. is almost done. I’m off to Palm Springs for the weekend, then home to New York on the red eye Sunday night.

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