I’m in Los Angeles with a fist full of new songs…

Sunset to Melrose to La Cieniga… funny how every thoroughfare in Los Angeles seems to have have a life of its own. Like Madison Avenue or Houston Street, they have a hue, a vibe, connotations. From afar — that is, growing up and looking West from New York, Sunset and Melrose were invested with glamour, mystery.

Driving to work this morning, though, it’s just traffic and garbage and heat and billboards. Not so glamourous. That’s the beauty of true experience, though, of having enough time in a place, or with a person, to demystify it, them. I think it’s a good thing. And it’s what happens when I’m here in Los Angeles. It’s what’s happening now.

In fact, the lustre of the place is in part retained, in part besmirched. One of the reasons I’m here this week is for MTV News’ Golden Globe coverage. Driving into the office Sunday night, I spotted a cluster of helicopters hovering in the smoggy sunset like vultures. After watching the raw feed of MTV News’ red carpet coverage, the awards themselves, and Access Hollywood’s aftershow, I felt kinda’ dirty. Prurient. Yet, this is what I do. And what I endeavor to do more of here. I think.

On the upside, I went running Sunday morning in the hills above Griffith Observatory (featured in “Rebel Without A Cause”) in the shadow of the Hollywood sign — in shorts. Just 48 hours earlier I was running into a 13 degree wind of the Hudson River.

And I spoke with Michael Lockwood last night, who was fresh from rehearsal with Lisa Marie Presley (zero degrees of separation from Elvis!). He and I are having a drink tomorrow night so I can hand off my new demos, and talk recording. So cross your fingers, and click your heels…

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