Everything Is Possible

I’m completely feelin’ those new HP posters in the subway that say, simply, “Everything Is Possible.” Especially the one with the astronauts. I feel that way right now. I mean, within reason.

Had a great day at work. Headin’ to Cockfight rehearsal in a few minutes. Demoing new songs in the studio tomorrow night. Flying to L.A. on Saturday. I mean, not to jynx anything, but wow, shit’s not bad, right?

Oh, and it all began with more delicious sunshine over Central Park this morning. And a few new lyrics for a new song I’m gonna’ record tomorrow that I’m calling “Being There” (with props to Peter Sellers and Wilco both). Still needs a chorus, but here it is:

The sunlight’s streaming in through
The windows of the plane
Just 30,000 feet more
I’ll be back home again
And I feel myself descending
And I feel it sinking in
In a moment we’ll be landed
I’ll be on my feet again

I’m the king of Wishfull Thinking
You’re the Queen of Disbelief
In a city of lost angels
Broken halos, broken wings

Now the New York City skyline
Like a thousand shattered diamonds
Just scattered but still shining
In the early light of day
I’ll see you when you get here
Where the sun begins it’s struggle
Where the streets are strewn with rubble
And the avenues with dreams

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