A Soon As One Becomes A Drummer, One Acts Like A Drummer

I rehearsed with Cockfight — the noisy rock band that I drum for — last night.

Seems that as soon as one becomes a drummer, one acts like a drummer. I had three beers over the course of rehearsal, then dragged the band out to Wee Molly’s, a dive just south of Madison Square Garden (if you can imagine what that neighborhood’s like) for more. I then proceeded to walk all the way home in the freezing cold gnawing on a huge slice of cold pizza the whole way, before passing out on my bed in my clothes. Somewhere between setting the alarm and waking up (in my clothes) in the middle of the night, I set my clock forward an hour by accident.

So when I got up — thinking it was too late to run — I actually had plenty of time before work. So I ran. Despite the headache. And it was so beautiful out. Kinda’ partly cloudy — amazing colors over the river — and warm. Now I’ve been at work for approaching twelve hours. I’m currently on the phone with AT&T — hold, actually — trying to get a better deal on my celly.

Anyhow, Kevin and I are working on Wednesday, demoing some new songs pretty much live to tape. Then it looks like I’m headed to L.A. on Thursday morning, which works out kind of nicely. Maybe I’ll hand off the demo to Michael Lockwood myself. Or maybe I’ll be too busy with the Golden Globes and stuff to do so. Either way, I always look forward to seeing the Pacific, and spending some time in sunny California, listening to my new favorite band, Phantom Planet, and their catchy little single.

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