Wandering New York

So it’s a new year. And it’s off to a great start.

I was off work for nearly two weeks (as you could probably tell by the lack of journal updates), and in addition to going home to suburban Philadelphia and running in Valley Forge National Park (one of my vacation passtimes), I spent a ton of time wandering New York City and seeing it through new eyes. I saw a few great films (“About Schmidt,” “Catch Me If You Can”), a great play (“Frankie & Johnnie In The Claire De Lune”), had some great meals (Jean George’s, Ocean Grille, Good Enough To Eat), great drinks (Hudson Bar, Pravda, Hell’s Kitchen), and generally wandered all over the city poking into galleries and stores and such.

And I spent the edge of the New Year on the steps of the Historical Society with a bottle champagne and fireworks exploding over Central Park. So now I’m back to the MTV, fully-immersed in Grammy coverage.

I’m heading into the studio in the next few days to demo new songs (“California,” “Intent on St. Paul,” “Shiver” and more), and expecting to return to sunny Los Angeles in the next few weeks. So I can’t complain, and won’t.

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