My “Corners of the Sky”

Well, I was being a little ambitious last week when I said I was going into the studio to demo. What with the holidays and all, Kev and I were hard pressed to find a time that worked for both of us. So it’s gonna’ have to wait until early next year. None the less, it’s happening, rest assured. And I’m psyched.

So meanwhile, what’s goin’ on? I’ve mostly been wrapping up the year for (I have most of the last two weeks off), painting my the huge canvas on my wall (and the accompanying 1’x1′ panels, or “Corners of the Sky” as I like to think of them), and getting ready for the holidays with shopping and stuff. It’s been fun. I like giving gifts. And I like Christmas lights. Good light. When I’m not grimacing over the grotesque commodification of the holidays in general, I’m grinning at the carols, the smell of pine, the bustling city. It’s a good time to be in New York.

Speaking of New York, have you seen the WTC redesigns? I say build the world’s tallest building there. I’ve always been an advocate of going big. The new designs are pretty progressive. I think I like United Architects Sky Memorial the best.

Anyway, Happy Holidays.

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