The Year In Rock ’02

It’s Sunday. I’m at work. Which kinda’ blows, except that I’m working on I just finished my “Year In Rock” piece. Sometimes I think this whole website blog thing — for that matter, this whole rock-n-roll thing — is more about figuring things out, like, outside of my head, as much as it’s about, I dunno’, whatever else motivates it (being heard, appreciated, paid, etc.).

Anyhow, it’s done. One thing I couldn’t quite write into it, though, is my Top Ten, er, make that Top Eleven, Albums of The Year. Here they are (plus some other stuff):

1. Benjamin Wagner, Summer’s Gone EP
2. Aimee Mann, Lost In Space
3. David Gray, A New Day At Midnight
4. Coldplay, A Rush of Blood to the Head
5. Counting Crows , Hard Candy
6. John Mayer, Room For Squares
7. Wilco, Yankee Foxtrot Hotel
8. Beth Orton, Daybreaker
9. Sheryl Crow, C’mon, C’mon
10. Wallflowers, Red Letter Days
11. Cornershop, Handcream for a Generation

What old CD have you listened to most this year? Joni Mitchell, Blue
What was your favorite concert(s) of the year? Mine, September 25th at The Point in Philadelphia.
Your favorite movie? Punch Drunk Love / Adaptation
What line or lyric do you wish you had written? “There comes a time when you swim or sink/So I jumped in the drink/’Cuz I couldn’t make myself clear” -Aimee Mann, Invisible Ink
What is your New Year’s Wish? Sufficient capital to finance my next release. And travel.

I started a huge canvas this weekend, raw canvas stretched across my bedroom wall. I’m going to paint the sky, bright blue with billowing white clouds. It’ll give all the balsa wood gliders hanging from my ceiling something to fly through.

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