Don’t Give Up

Monday was the world’s longest day.

Plane landed early. As expected, I dropped my bags and immediately went running. It was a clear and beautiful morning, some 25 degrees colder than Sunday morning in L.A. I wrote a chorus in my head while I was running, and finished the song as soon as I got back to my apartment.

It’s called “Don’t Give Up,” and is so cheesy (though certainly well-intentioned) that you can be assured you’ll never hear it.

Off to work, I was immediately slammed with regular real-world stuff: headlines, promos, problems, movie projects, 2003 planning. Ugh. So uncool. So long.

Anyway, I finally got some rest last night, and am almost done with my Tuesday. Tomorrow’s a short day. Thanksgiving’s gonna’ be mellow. I’ll wake up and go for a long bike ride (weather permitting, I guess — it’s supposed to snow), like the old days when Chris and I first moved to New York. I will be avoiding the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade at all costs. Then I’m meeting up with some family friends for dinner at the Rainbow Room in Rockefeller Center.

Then I’m heading to Boston Friday morning for a quiet weekend. And this time, I’ll be bringing my guitar.

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