Cockfight Kills Rats Dead

On the way out of last night’s Cockfight rehearsal, we saw a garbage man kick a rat. Killed it right there on the the spot.

Anyway, we basically played the same song for two hours, a two and a half minute big rock song called “Tony.” It actually sounds ok. We remind me of The B52s, primarily because Rod’s guitar work is so clean and poppy, and my drumming is so obviously simple. I’m fairly confident, though, that the objective is to be louder.

At this rate, it could take us a year to play out, but it is fun, and it does give me new ideas. Not that I’m going in the big rock direction. To the contrary, I’m expecting the next CD — whenever I manage to make it — will be more acoustic, less electric; more Coldplay, less Foo Fighters.

I’ll share that whole next album strategy with ya’ in the coming days and weeks. Alas, a plan is gestating in my mind. For now, though, it’s 6:01, so I’m outa’ here.

Goin’ to California…

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