Mutual of Omaha

I have a new favorite film: “The Bad & The Beautiful” starring Kirk Douglas and Lana Turner. Cool story structure (three flashbacks). Well-acted (in a 50s noire sorta’ way). Great camera movement. Kinda’ funny. And very inside Hollywood. Speaking of, I’m flying to to L.A. Friday morning for a very Hollywood black tie wedding. I’m excited for that, and for the hikes the generally accompany my time there.

I’ve been trying to keep up with the songwriting. Every time I picked up my guitar, I’d kinda’ slide outa’ my chair and onto the floor and lose momentum. I did start a couple of ideas on Saturday afternoon, one called “Mutual of Omaha” (“I will call you then from Paris / I will send for you from Spain / I will meet you when it’s raining / Where the seasons always change / ‘Cuz I’m leaving California / At the first sign of the dawn / Yeah I’m leaving here this morning / By the time you read this note, I’ll be gone”), but didn’t make it past the chorus (“Omaha, I was running away the day that I met you / I thought that I saw, you drifting away a thousand feet below”). I’ll get back to it, ‘cuz it’s a good melody.

One other thing. Re: the below entry, one regular reader (heck, Keith’s known me since I was 11-years-old) inquired as to what “A&R” means. A&R stands for “artists and repetoir.” In a nutshell, they’re the guys at the label who scout the talent, and signs ’em up. Gotta’ get more of those fellas on my team.

Oh, and one more thing — and this is music related. Remember that new band I’ve mentioned once or twice? The once I’m drumming for? We’re calling ourselves Cockfight. And we’re rehearsing tomorrow night.

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