Kaiju Big Battle!

Last night was one for the record books — or in this case, The Daily Journal.

A bunch of us from MTV News took a field trip to Kaiju Big Battle, a post-modern, post-ironic wrestling match between guys in slime-spewing foam monster suits. It was funny in its own way, but that’s not the point.

The point is, Kaiju Big Battle’s kinda’ got this “Cool New Thing” seal of approval right now, so The Roxy was packed with hipsters and cool kids. Which is uncomfortable enough for me, as someone who’s neither a hipster nor a cool kid. To boot, I was introduced to an A&R guy that I used to call and email, like, weekly back in the late ’90s (“the late ’90s” — that sounds so weird). And that was kinda’ awkward. (Especially since he’s outa’ work right now.) Then I was introduced this guy who does A&R for Gary Gersch’s new (as-of-yet-nameless) label at Universal. Which is exciting. But I’m, like, a total social retard. At least that’s how I sounded to myself. ‘Cuz, of course, all I could think was, ‘Holy shit, this guy could change my life!’ Which, of course, isn’t entirely true. But it highlights why being in this town and on both sides of the music business can be so soul crushing. I’m so close. And I’m so far away. At the same time.

The good news is, this has all been motivating, not debilitating. Exhausted from everything (travel, tour, marathon), I lost my voice last week. This week, though, my voice is returning, slowly but surely.

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