I’ve been sick all week. Seems like my body (as if it’s not part of me) was waiting for the first window of opportunity to force some downtime. With the NYC Marathon over, the “Summer’s Gone” Tour complete, and a momentary lapse in my bi-coastal travel, this week was it.

So I spent Wednesday in bed watching “Ocean’s 11” (including a second viewing to listen to the Director’s commentary — Steven Soderbergh, one of my heroes — and a third for the cast’s commentary).

I worked from home Thursday. I strummed my guitar a little bit last night — there’s something purcolating — but nothing came of it. Plus, what with this soar throat and horse voice of mine, I can’t sing so well anyhow. But I’ll be back. After some 27,000, miles or airtravel (according to my America Advantage account), maybe 2000 miles of driving, and at least 26.2 miles of running, I need to rest my body, and my voice, for just a minute.

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