Like The Weather

I’m like the weather: hot, cold, up, down, rain, sun.

Today was a good one. So beautiful out. Wedged some fun into a busy Friday. Went running, and watched the city go from night to day. Had lunch with some like-minded (read: have day job as well as creative aspiration) co-workers. Returned Paul Grassini’s tuner to him at Three Tree Studios.

Oh, and last night I wrote a new song on my way home from work. It was raining, hence the first lines, “Walked home through the rain / I think that I told you” which pretty much lead to the rest of the song.

It’s another in-between kinda’ song, half-formed, not fully-realized, but evidence that the well isn’t dry yet.

So, meanwhile, I’m off to Los Angeles in some 9 hours or so.

See ya’ there…

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