Kickin’ Ass

I’ve been laying low from The Daily Journal of late ‘cuz I haven’t been feeling the music so much these last few days. Correction: I haven’t been feeling the music business so much these days.

The music’s still here, and still coming. I’ve been listening to a lot of Joni Mitchell and Nick Drake of late (which ought to give you some idea where my head is), but I did manage (as promised below) to write a new song Monday morning called “Extraordinary Day.” Optimistic, as you might guess (and/or expect). Which I generally am. Even if I’m exhausted and a little beat down, at least in so far as this rocknroll fantasy goes.

I’m excited for Saturday’s Boston show. The Kendall’s a great room. Some old friends ought to be in the audience (the long-since fired Planetary Publicity Group won’t be helping). And I’m spending the weekend with my friend Rob at his lakefront house in New Hampshire. Nothing beats the fall there. Plus, I’m riding Amtrak back and forth, which is always the most beautiful and relaxing way to travel. The Northeast Direct travels through Connecticut and Rhode Island, right along the coastline. That’ll be nice.

Come to think of it, if my criteria is good music, good friends, and some travel, I guess I’m kickin’ ass.

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