I Still Love You New York

Left South Hill, Virginia, around 9:30 this morning. Drove, drove, drove (listening to The Vines “Get Free” roughly every hour). Finally rolled through the Lincoln Tunnel at 6:30, and was forced towards 34th Street where, before turning west, I looked up to see the Empire State and New Yorker Buildings.

I still love you New York.

Instead of waxing eloquent the tour and what it all means, blah blah blah, I just wanted to express some gratitude. Above all, the last week has illustrated to me just how fortunate I am to have two great jobs that I love, great family and friends, and the ability to pack up a Rent-an-Escape and tour a bit. So, in no particular order:

Dad: Investor, supporter, and cellular travel companion.
Mom: Rearranged travel plans for Philly show, and got all of her friends out.
Christofer: Shot New York and Philly. Never misses a show.
Kevin: Booked Charlotteville and Chapel Hill.
Jon: Loaned me his guitar and DV equiptment. And rarely misses a show.
Jyl: Made Raleigh happen.
Luke: Hauled gear in, kept me calm, and dragged across campus at 4 a.m.
Stephanie: Cellular travel companion extraodinaire.
Ken: Ran the site when I couldn’t.
Michael: Granted me time off, and loads of support.
Mrs. Culp: Tought me how to sing harmony, and came out Wed.
Mr. Vanderslice: Tought me how to sing in a group, and came out Wed.
Mrs. Barry: Encouraged me to use words, and came Wed.
At the venues: John, Jesse, Cook, Kevin, Jeremy, Matt, Dan, John, Robert, Ryan.

Of course, thanks to all of you who came out, sang along, applauded, purchased CDs, said kind things, and made every mile worth it (you know who you are). And finally, I received lots of email support — thanks for the notes!

So It’s back down to earth. I have about 10 days ’til the Boston show (D.C. has been postponed), then I dunno’ what I’m going to do (other than the NYC Marathon). Whatever, I hope you’ll stay tuned…

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