New York “Summer’s Gone” Tour Report

It’s 1:28 a.m. I’m running on three hours of sleep (on an airplane), a turkey sanwhich and four Vitamin Waters (in the following order of consumption): Energy, Stress-B, Focus and Balance. I’ve been home from the Mercury Lounge show for about an hour. So I’m all about the balance. And, any minute now, all about the sleep.

But first, can I tell you? This was it. The breakthrough. Brian’s liner notes for the new EP (click here to purchase it, please, and you can read ’em for yourself) were prophetic, or at least serendipitous. The less I worry about hipness, or coolness, or nitpick every element of my performance, the better it is. Kinda’ Zen, right? I just needed to let go — of the moment, of the outcome, of the external — and just be. And for a good portion of tonight’s show, that’s what I did.

“California” was really on. It is SO the lead single on my next CD (whenever that may be). “Hollywood Arms” was so sparse, so atmospheric — a solid line drive to center field. “Shiver”? Gorgeous. It ebbs and flows, rises and falls like a river or an earthquake. Better yet, like a storm that rolls in from the distance, then off again towards the dawn. And I opened “Summer’s Gone” with a few lines from Coldplay’s “Yellow” and it was so beautiful, falsetto and all. And I’m not patting my self of the back with “beautiful” and “georgeous” or whatever. I’ve always said that if my songs aren’t my favorite songs, then how
can I expect them to be anyone elses? And sometimes it sucks and is no fun and
I’m no good. But generally, I think the shit’s pretty on. I just gotta’ get some
other folks with a few bucks to spare to believe.

Anyway, there’s so much to write about — like the whole Sony Music story, or the many Budweiser bottles I consumed (I never drink Bud, so I think it was the influence of my recent trip to Iowa), but it’s late, difficult to type with all these beers, And frankly, it might be a good idea to get some sleep. Seeing as I’m on tour and all.

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