Everything In Its Right Place

Everything in it’s right place.

I picked up the “Summer’s Gone” CD singles on my way home from work today. They look gorgeous. I love how the purple in the waves picks up on the purple in the sky on the “Crash Site” LP — they’re connected. I love how the plane that is missing on the back of the “Crash Site” LP is actually landing on the single — there’s closure.

The band rehearsed last night, and is ready to rock. The show’s going to be more Aimee Mann, less Nirvana; more subtle, less bombastic.

“California” sounds great, and is a good indication of what my next record (I haven’t even released this one yet!) will sound like: the beat’s a bit more urban, more complex. The lyrics remain dark, but hopeful (as always).

And we played “Shiver” together for the first time, which bassist Tony called my best song yet. I’m looking forward to playing it with them, as well as solo. I like the chorus: it just
makes sense. “I shiver to keep myself warm / I shiver to keep myself strong.”

And late last night, after rehearsal, I was interviewed by a sweet young reporter from UVA’s student newspaper. Somehow we got on what it’s like being 31, and how that has a bearing on my music — I just hope she doesn’t write too much about that. Although I guess one can’t move any faster than they can, can’t be anywhere other than where one is, and I feel like I’m in a pretty great space.

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