Film Threat: Roman Coppola’s “CQ”

After wrestling with the MTV (the usual vacuous b.s.), the postcard printer (I get to pick up 45 pounds worth of postcard this afternoon), the guitar shop (that still hasn’t received my replacement guitar from Martin), the CD duplication company (won’t be done ’til Tuesday), I needed a Blockbuster Night (I know, I’m so corporate). So I rented “CQ,” Roman Coppola’s interesting little French film within a Hollywood movie.

The film is set in Paris in 1969/70 and has a great look, and great soundtrack, and is kinda’ cute in its way. The kinda’ film I’d be proud to make. Anyway, there was a small and poignant moment in the film where Jeremie Davies says quietly to Angela Lindvall, “I think I’m lost.” I picked up my guitar and started in on the line. When “Good thing you found me” fell outa’ my mouth, I knew I had something. So I finished it — placeholder verses, I think — and recorded it. I’m not convinced it’s a keeper. But it’s musically different, inspired in a small way by the loungy, retro vibe of the soundtrack. And I like the pre-chorus (“Give me one minute to pack my bags / Give me two minutes to run / Give me just one second to change your mind / I know you think we’re already done”). And it’s always nice to know the lines are still open between myself and Heaven, or wherever these things come from.

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