Tomorrow’s Big Story

Started the first full day of my 31st year running along the Hudson. It was a cool and beautiful morning. The sun climbed slowly over the buildings on the East Side, throwing deep orange rays of sunshine onto the silver water. I was glad to be there, happy to be alive, but weighed down more than, say, yesterday. Weighed down by all the considerations that are Adulthood. No big deal, not insurmountable, just stuff. Life Stuff.

Work was crazy. Meetings, meetings, meetings. Hardware purchases. Movie website planning. Planning for tomorrow’s Big Story (you’ll see). The averageness of the day was punctuated by the huge Bon Jovi concert in Times Square, just 29 stories below my office window. I guess I’m pretty fortunate to be able to look down on such a spectacle. I wedged in some BWD, LLP, business. I confirmed the Mercury Lounge CD release (9/23), and tentatively booked a D.C. show (10/17), finally. Got the “Summer’s Gone” CD single master — sounds brilliant, especially my cousin’s “Radiojoe Remix.” And I whipped together a press release to go out with the 100+ press kits I’m mailing in advance of The Planetary Group’s press/radio push. I still can’t believe I have a publicity contact — other than myself — at the end pf my release materials. I’m thinkin maybe I’m nuts to spend money I don’t have on publicity. But this tour is the biggest thing I’ve ever attempted, so I don’t wanna’ half-ass it. Like my friend said today, “The only things we regret in life are the thing we don’t do.” So…

I still have to take the shrink wrap off 100+ CDs tonight — the radio types like to get theirs out of the wrapper. So I’m headin’ back into the living room to watch “The Right Stuff,” unwrap CDs, and have a Table Top apple pie and ice cream that I promised myself last night. It’s the simple things, really, isn’t it?

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