Thanks, Martin!

My New MartinAlmost set for the “Summer’s Gone” tour. New York CD release/tour kick off is 99% set for September 23d at the venerable Mercury Lounge. Just have to nail down D.C. Got all the final “Summer’s Gone” mixes today, and burned the whole thing onto one CD to hand off to VH1 writer Brian Ives to scribe some liner notes. Goes to mastering Tuesday. Here’s the official track list:

1) Summer’s Gone
2) Summer’s Gone (Radio Remix)
3) Summer’s Gone (Electroland Remix)
4) Summer’s Gone (Acoustic)
5) Dear Elizabeth
6) Dear Elizabeth (Acoustic)
7) Take Me Home
8) Hollywood Arms (Demo)

The best and biggest new, though, is that the CF Martin Guitar Company has agreed to replace my crack ed guitar, substantiating my faith in the company, and validating the very reason I chose Martin to begin with.

They rock, and stand behind their craftsmanship. Thank goodness! Thank Martin!

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