Superman In Reverse

61 degree clear skies when I got out of bed at 5:45 am. I beat the sun out of the house, and headed uptown for the NYRRC 18-Mile Marathon Tune Up. Many things went through my head as I ran my three loops of Central Park. My primary distraction, though, was a new chorus I hatched yesterday for a song title I’ve been carrying around for a few days, “Superman In Reverse”:

What if I was Superman in reverse?
What if kryptonite couln’t hurt me?
What if I weren’t the Man of Steel?
Would it change the way you feel?
Would it make this real?

I finished in 2:41:30. Not too shabby, I thought. Thursday’s the Video Music Awards, Saturday I fly to Nantucket, next Saturday I fly to Iowa. What if I am Superman in reverse?

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