A Fist Full Of Xanax

Raining again. Just in from downtown, where Kevin and wrapped mixing on the “Summer’s Gone” CD single. Now it just needs to be mastered, and duplicated (read below for details).

Walked around the Lower East Side in the drizzle afterwards listening to Coldplay’s new CD, “A Rush of Blood to the Head.” Brilliant. Good accompaniment for the warehouses and tenements illuminated by the gloom of the day.

I’m kinda’ down, actually, for no apparent reason. I’ll chalk it up to the weather. And of course I’m significantly alarmed that I have to run 18 miles in the morning. But you’ve heard all that before. Just another lesson, I guess, in persistence.

So, the pasta water’s boiling, the strawberry soy shake’s in the blender, and “Das Boot” (The Director’s Cut!) is the in the DVD player — do I rock or what?

Oh, and my Aimee Mann article, “Aimee Mann Finds Herself Lost In Space” is live on MTVNews.com now. We had a great conversation about psychology, dysfunction and addiction — oh, and her new record. It goes well with a Bass Ale and a fist full of Xanax.


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