Booking The Point

Big win of the day: After a year of persistent lobbying, I booked my Philadelphia “Summer’s Gone” tour stop at the city’s the premiere acoustic music venue: The Point on Wednesday, September 25th. Details to follow — but it’s never to late to start spreading the good word.

Meanwhile, I’m tippin’ you off, ‘cuz you’re my peeps: tomorrow night’s set is gonna’ be wack! Yeah, we’ll hit the singles (“Summer’s Gone,” “Dear Elizabeth”), the b-sides (“Difference”) and post-“Crash” generation (“I’ll Be Waiting,” “Never Be The Same”). But the real treat — the part of the set I’m most looking forward to (and the part where we’re most likely to traion wreck) is going to be the stuff I call the “California Suite” (or “What I Learned On My Summer Vacation”).

I know, I wear my affections for the Golden State, for that place, that mentality, on my sleeve like a Boy Scout merit badge. But if it’s fueling creativity, if it’s inspiring new rock songs, it’s gotta’ be allgood.

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