Double Nervous

Tonight I’m doubly nervous. I carbo-loaded, hydrated, and filled to the gills with soy protein shake. In 12 hours, I’ll be in the middle of a one mile swim in the Hudson River, staring down the barrel at a 25 mile ride followed by a 10k run. Per usual, I feel unprepared. I notice every muscle before a race, and they never feel stretched or strong enough.

But I’ll finish, through persistence alone. And then it’s on to the rocknroll fantasy…

Jon graciously loaned me his Taylor acoustic, saving me a few hundred bucks, and providing me with a loaner that’ll sound worlds better than any beater I would have purchased. But I’ve been playing it, and I feel a little too rusty for my liking. I have some cramming to do for Wednesday’s show. But I’ll finish, and rock, if through persistence alone.

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