In The Land Of Dreams

Sigh… At home, Friday night, resting up for Sunday’s tri, listening to the Innocence Mission, kinda’ melancholy (pretty rocknroll, huh?). I miss my guitar. I need it. Crave it. It’s like I’ve lost my voice, my ability to dream, or my ability to understand dreams.

That’s what songs are, after all: lucid dreams. When the good ones come, like a rainfall that sneaks up on you or a rainbow that appears just as you turn a blind corner, they’re effortless. They start themselves, and explain themselves.

Chris Martin said it pretty well in a recent MTV News interview, ” All [of] our good songs… come from somewhere that I just don’t understand. [They] kind of knock on the door and come in and sit down before you have time to let [them] explain [themselves].” Somewhere down the road, they make sense, and illuminate something. It just so happens that you share them with the world, or whoever’s tuned in, as you figure it out — as you figure you out.

So I’m definately hurting for that right now. Of course, I fully intend to remedy that tomorrow, some time between picking up my race packet, taking my bike in for a tune up, dropping it off at the race transition area, and resting in from of the tv with gallons of water and carbohydrates. The trathlon’s Sunday at 6:15 a.m., then I collapse a while, then I head into the studio where — though Kevin doesn’t know it yet — I hope to record a slightly produced version of “California” (aka “Golden State”) with maybe a cool click track, a shaker, and some light keyboards. Won’t he be surprised!

I hate to give away the entire next full-length CD, but the subtitle of new CD single of mine (an EP, really, considering it’s already up to 8 songs) is “What I Learned On Summer Vacation.” I would be remissed not to include it.

It’s all about California these days: land of sun and sky, desert and ocean, dreams and desires. Land of tomorrow.

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