The Healing Continues

The hip’s no better, so I went to my orthopedist today. He said it’s gonna’ be another week or more of dressing, re-dressing, and debriding (gettin’ the gunk out) before I’m left with a scar that should resemble one left by a massive skin graft. And no running until further notice. Lucky me. So if next time you see me perform I’m round like Jerry Garcia, don’t ask.

Injuries aside, the tour continues to shape up. I’m a few steps closer to booking a Philly show for the tour, which is encouraging. I’ve been trying to crack that town (where I lived from 11-17 years old) for years.

Tomorrow night I head into Control One Studios with Kevin Anthony to hear his “Summer’s Gone” remix, put guitars and vocals over his already-recorded “Take Me Home” beats, and, if time permits, move on to “Hollywood Arms.” I’ll be recording using his guitars. My Martin cracked

So, while I’m limping around the sweltering city, progress inches forward. And the healing continues.

Meanwhile, I’m heading back to L.A. next Sunday for a week. I’m going to put in a solid five days at the MTV, then (hopefully) spend the weekend road trippin’ up the coast to Big Sur with my friends. At the minimum, we’ll grab some fish and chips at Neptune’s Net in Malibu, and take in some rays — not bad for a kid from Iowa.

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