Can’t Hardly Wait

Everything’s healing. I will triathalon on Sunday. So back to the music…

The tour continues to shape up. Looks like we’ll have Kendall Cafe Sunday, Mercury Lounge Monday. Then we have that Friday in Charlottesville, and Monday in Decatur. We have to fill in the middle, and finish up the CD!

Kevin reports the remixes are coming along. “[I’ve] been workin’ on the mix, trying to find the right combination of vocals and beats to make it right,” he said via email. “It’s going.” I’m headed into his studio next week to (as I emailed him), “a) do a straight up vox/guitar recording and b) a more robust vox/beats/keys/gits cover of Phil Collins’ “Take Me Home” (outrageous, huh?). ” So the big money bets are on this track listing:

1. Summer’s Gone (LP Version)
2. Summer’s Gone (Electroland Remix)
3. Summer’s Gone (Acoustic Remix)
3. Dear Elizabeth (LP Version)
4. Dear Elizabeth (Acoustic)
5. Take Me Home
6. Hollywood Arms

To quote a young Paul Westerberg, “I can’t hardly wait.”

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