Kipu Falls

We kept to our two adventures a day minimum yesterday, 4x4ing through the cane fields of the southwest corner of the island, hiking around Maha’ulepu Bay, and cliff diving and rope swinging at Kipu Falls.

I laughed out loud at myself this morning as I limped across the patio due to my coral incident, and nursed my newly acquired shoulder injury (from cliff diving). I can’t remember the last time I sustained so many injuries on vacation. I guess we’re living hard, and/or living right. Oddly, it feels great.

So the wedding’s tonight, then I fly out of Lihue back to L.A. for a few days. I wrote a song this morning before the guys woke up called “Stay,” which I is pretty self explanatory (and I think pretty good). I hate to leave this amazing island, and this amazing time with my friends. I don’t even remember how to be a New Yorker, or corporate, or whatever. I guess I’ll have to relearn.

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