Aloha From Poipu, Hawaii!

I got goosebumps this afternoon. Full-on, full-bodied goose bumps. I was driving over the mountains into Poipu (Poy-poo) Beach. The Pacific spread out before me, blinding diamonds on the waves, Oasis’ “Go Let It Out” as loud as it gets on the Explorer’s CD player, a few stray raindrops dotting the windshield. Paradise.

I was in Lihue (Li-hoo-e), the biggest town on Kauai, picking up CDs for the CD player (in the house and in the SUV — I only brought minidiscs) and books (Ambrose’s “Band of Brothers” and Michener’s “Tales of the South Pacific”), grocery shooping (beer, fresh tuna, Gatorade), and (obviously) a I got a new digital camera. Driving back over the mountains from the Star Market reminded me of crossing Dallas Divide into Telluride way back in college. I guess that’s the point of vacation: to get far enough away (I couldn’t be farther from any mainland) to earn some perspective, to gain some memories.

Anyway, it’s sunny and 84 degrees outside, and Wilco’s “Heavy Metal Drummer” is strongly suggesting that I trade my Gatorade for a Kona Fire Rock Pale Ale, my blogging for sunning. But I wanted to transport you here with me for a minute. Not to gloat — I wish you were here — but to share. Stay tuned for sunsets, and hopeful evidences of new songs, new perspectives and such…

Meanwhile, Aloha.

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