Shit Is Allgood

I just rode in from the Upper East. Despite the humidity, it was a beautiful ride, and I’m glad I snuck it in prior to leaving for L.A.

I zipped down Fifth, past the Guggenheim; past the Met, swimming in pastel light; downtown towards the Empire State, glistening red, white and blue just over the tree tops; through pockets of sweet-smelling honeysuckle and into Central park where the air grew still, cool, and silent.

I dropped off CDs, press pics and bios with Kevin Medina, so he has everything he needs to book the “Summer’s Gone” tour in earnest. I handed off “Summer’s Gone” raw files to Kevin Anthony today as well, so he has everything he needs to begin the remix CD in earnest. And we may have a special guest remixer — my cousin Andrew.

I gave him my first guitar years ago and he long since surpassed my abilities. He’s a sound engineer in Louisville now, and is taking a crack at remixing the tune as well. And when I get back to NYC in a few weeks, I’ll tuck into a studio for a night or two and add some other treats.

So… it’s all coming together. Just in time for me to vacate Hell’s Kitchen, clear the mind, and create some more. OH! And did I mention we’ll be returning to Arlen on August 21?

Yeah, shit is allgood.

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