A Real Rock ‘n Roll Saturday Night

I rode my bike down to Joe’s Pub tonight to meet Duke and pick up the “Summer’s Gone” files for the big remix. A real rocknroll way to spend a Saturday night, huh?

I also did a bunch research on venues and got our materials (bio, cover letter) together for the tour. Best case scenario is ten days in late September (September 21st – October 1st, the last week of summer and first few days of fall), though we may move it a week or two later depending on our ability to book it on such short notice (clubs book weeks and often months in advance). Here’s the dream itinerary. As I said to Kevin at the start of this: playing half of these venues would be a coup. That said:

Boston, MA – Kendell Cafe (www.kendellcafe.com)
Providence, RI – Met Cafe or The Call
New London, CT – El ‘n’ Gee (www.elngee.com)
NYC, NY – Mercury Lounge (www.mercuryloungenyc.com)
Philadelphia, PA – Khyber Pass or The Point
Baltimore, MD – Otto’s (www.antifolk.com)
Arlington, VA or Washington, DC – Iota (www.iotaclubandcafe.com) or Metro Cafe (metrocafe.home.att.net)
Richmond, VA – alley katz
Charlottesville, VA – star hill
Chapel Hill, NC – Go Room 4 (www.chapel-hill.nc.us/clubs) or Open Eye (www.openeyecafe.com)
Decatur/Athens, GA – Eddie’s Attic or 40 Watt Club

Christofer (my brother) has suggested we shoot the whole thing for a potential documentary, which I’m hoping we’ll do. Not so much as a vehicle to help my career, but more as a means to put our skill sets together: music and video production (Christofer is an editor for Sony Music). I think it’d be pretty cool to see the mundane contrasted with the “glamorous” aspects of this whole rocknroll fantasy. And everyone loves a road movie.

We’ll see. Any way it turns out, it’ll be a cool road trip, and a great adventure.

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