My Ideal Magazine

More Sarah Harmer. I checked her website, She’s no spring chicken. I find that encouraging. Of course, she’s Canadian. That’s not so encouraging. :) She’s performing in Brooklyn next Friday. I’ll be in L.A. But you should go.

I wrote a piece on “Minority Report” for work tonight. It ought to go onto the site tomorrow. It was good to write again. Challenging to make my brain work like that again. I haven’t written for work since last year (see “David Gray Nimbly Climbs White Ladder At Private Show”).

Heck, I used to write for a living, for Rolling Stone, Swing, The Saratogian. It’s what I moved to New York to do. It’s what I studied at Syracuse (I was a creative writing/newspaper dual major). I’d like write more (on top of everything else).

I was thinking last night about my ideal magazine: lotsa’ Michael Penn and Aimee Mann coverage, Pete Yorn, Ryan Adams, John Mayer, R.E.M. Singer/songwriters. And films, smart films, sentimental films like “Almost Famous” and “Magnolia.” It wouldn’t be cynical, or gimmicky or cheecky. It’d be honest, and earnest.

And when we liked something, we’d say so. And when we didn’t, it wouldn’t be because of style or fashion or trends. The things that last, I think, last because they’re honest, sincere, meaningful. I aspire to that: being sincere, and creating things that last.

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