Anticipation 101

I’m painting again. Four panel hearts. I thought for a minute there that I was in a blue period: I painted eight panels every shade, from sky to cobalt to robin’s egg. But then I painted what I thought would be a yellowish canvas, but what, with just a dab of red, became a fierce, almost florescent orange. I love the orange. So I’m in a blue/orange period, I guess. Whatever that means.

I’m listening to Sarah Harmer. I especially love track two, “Basement Apt.” “Every time I breath,” she sings, child-like. “Every time I try to leave.” Beautiful. Check her out.

Thursday night after work a few of us are getting together in the Leroy Justice rehearsal space near Port Authority to rock out a whole new band thing: MTV News’ Rod Perez and Robert Mancini on guitars, Leroy Justice front man Jason Gallagher on bass, me on drums. We’re endeavoring to a simple, hooky, fuzz-rock thing, a la Queens of the Stone Age. Just for fun. And I can’t hardly wait.

Meanwhile, I count the days until I leave for Los Angeles (7) for a few days, and then Kauai, Hawaii (11) for a week. Talk about anticipation.

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