At Least I Can Fake It For You

As a kid, I used to doodle in the margins of my notebooks: self portraits, rocket ships, airplanes. As an adult, the tendency has manifested itself as writing track listings for imaginary CDs that I’d record were cost — not to mention demand — non-issues.

So, I thought I’d share the current doodles. I’d call it “Being There” (I loved the film, and I love the concept). I’d record it in New York City with Duke, and mix it in Palm Springs with Steve Feldman, and here’s what’d be on it:

1. Golden Wings
2. Go On
3. Never Be (The Same)
4. I’ll Be Waiting
5. Radio
6. Mrs. Jones
7. About The Weather
8. She’s Come Undone
9. Skyline
10. The Edge of the Ocean

Odds are good that you’ve never heard even half of the songs. My band only knows three of ’em. But that’s why it’s like doodling: I may draw a rocket ship, but the chances of me actually building one is pretty low. I mean, I’ll make more records, regardless of whether or not anyone wants to hear them. It’s what I do. I’m just not tackling a whole new LP tonight.

I am, however, releasing a “Summer’s Gone EP” in the fall, mostly remixes and re-recordings of the song plus a cover or two, and maybe some “Crash Site” outtakes (“Difference, “The Last Big Thing” and ” “Play” didn’t make the cut). Instead of sinking thousands of dollars into a new CD, I thought I’d give “Summer’s Gone” the legs it never had.

I LOVE that song. It’s my favorite part of every set. I love singing it, performing it, hearing it. It feels like the one I finally got right. It captures something for me, the end of something, the start of something new. It feels like a song about loss that’s ok with loss. To me it’s such a happy song (despite the “Everything left to decay”).

Anyway, as I’ve mentioned, my buddy Kevin’s gonna’ remix it, and I’m gonna’ re-record with Julia and Todd, and maybe toss a live version on there (if I can find a decent one). And just press a hundred or so, primarily to submit to radio, and to sell (just five bucks, I promise) here on my website. Here’s what I’m thinking right now:

1. Summer’s Gone (Electroland Remix)
2. Summer’s Gone (Acoustic)
3. Summer’s Gone (LP Version)
4. Sister Golden Hair
5. Second Guessing (Live)

See, I notice a trend in these Daily Journal entries: I’m happiest when I’m creating music. If it’s that simple, that’s what I’ll do.

I wrote “Go On” yesterday afternoon, inspired by the completely memorable (but staggeringly cryptic) chorus of the Goo Goo Dolls’ “Here Is Gone” and the brilliant simplicity of a band I saw Friday night called Acquiesce. I think it’s a breakup song (“Go on, be free, be who you want to / Go on, leave me behind you haunted / ‘Cuz I know you can make it / And at least I can fake it for you”).

Maybe it’ll make the next LP…

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