Skipping The Second Half Of The Question

I broke up my twelve hour work day with an absolutely excellent rehearsal with Julia and Todd. Julia and I were harried. I sprinted into the studio from work she was on her way to a sound check. But Todd was there before us, ready, and chill. We raced through the set twice and, man, I gotta’ tell you, if the whole singer/songwriter+cellist+drummer thing does it for you, this is the show for you!

Last time I tried to break in a drummer, I canned him the day before the show. This time, we rehearsed the day before the show, and he nailed it! The guys a pro, and has killer grooves. And Julia’s cello lines are beautiful and fluid and brilliant. And our cover song!?! You’re not going to believe your ears.

So the next time someone asks me how my whole music business is going, I’m skipping second half of the question, because I’ve got nothing but great creative news. We’re onto something here.

I could re-record everything on “Crash Site” with these two and it would be completely new, completely different and completely amazing. I’m thinking of re-recording “Summer’s Gone” with them for the remix single. The shit’s that good!

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