On Cellos And Blueberry Pies

I’m not sure if it’s been inordinately foggy this spring, or if I’ve just been staring out the window a lot, but, well, the fog’s rolled in over Hell’s Kitchen again.

I just got done typing out all the chords and lyrics to next week’s set for Julia. She’s the cellist who was once in Rasputina. She’s on “Crash Site” (she plays on “Down” and “Bone,” and recorded “Play” with me as well, but it didn’t make the final CD). She’s wicked sweet, and rocks. So the mailers are off, all 240 cuts, 180 stamps and labels worth. And after that, who knows? Nothing’s booked. I’m remixing “Summer’s Gone,” and hope to do a multi-city push after that. But it’s getting more and more difficult to find the strength to face down the apathy, to find my way for the fog…

So I’m gonna’ go have a Table Top blueberry pie with some vanilla ice cream, and figure it all outin the morning.

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