What Would Frank Black Do?

I’m in the middle of the mailer making process. It’s the first one in ten years to have me — my face — on it. It’s a really overlit, straight-faced, U2-kinda’ photo, basically (plus some text). I didn’t have anything else, or any other iconographic ideas, so… I hope it’s not too pretentious.

It’s actually kinda’ strange that it took me ten years to put my face on something. Maybe I’m coming out of hiding in some way. In college, it was inconceivable to put your mug on mailers or CD covers (cassettes in those days) or anything — sooooo not punk rock. The posit always was “What would Frank Black do?”

I flirted with putting my face on the cover of “Crash Site” until some indie music rep told me it was too “singer/songwriterish” (even though I guess that’s what I am). So, anyway, here I am, 11:01pm on a Wednesday night copying, cutting, labeling and stamping mailers for this really cool show with a cellist and a drummer (May 17th, Sidewalk). All this work, all the rehearsal, all this angst, and I wonder, who will come?

Will you?

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