Blue Skies Ahead

I’m back in the city after a brief trip to Philadelphia. I ran the Broad Street 10 miler this morning in 1:17:42.

I’m on a WWII kick. Not very rocknroll, maybe, but amazing to learn about. It started with Tom Brokaw’s book “The Greatest Generation” and led to Stephem Ambrose’s “D-Day.” Robert Mitchum’s “The Story of GI Joe” is paused in my DVD player. I think it’s incredible what these guys — most younger than me now — achieved, and how hard this nation worked to overcome a pretty sinister opponent. Seems like we have the luxury these days to “find ourselves” when these guys “found themselves” in the hedgerows of France, the deserts of North Africa, and the islands of the far Pacific. It helps me put a little perspective on my trivial day-to-day New York City struggles.

I received an encouraging email from a woman interested in shopping “Crash Site” songs for TV and film licencing. And I’m meeting with a friend who’s started a management company. So I choose to believe that, despite my exhaustion, despite my blistered feet, there’s a bright sun rising on the horizon, and blue skies ahead…

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